Whales Island

Whales’ Island is a melodic-hardcore band from Palermo, Italy (Sicily) formed by Turi Messineo (Values Intact, The Break!) and Nicolò Borrometi (The Break!) in 2010.
The objective was to link old-school sounds with the new one, mixing a little bit of hardcore, a lot of punk-rock and indie rock while keeping it very melodic leading it to a sound similar to Lifetime, Polar Bear Club, Strike Anywhere, Death Is Not Glamorous, Samiam.
In 2011 the band signs to Indelirum Records and release the debut full-length ‘Not A Dream But Never The End’ bringing them to play all around Europe several times.
In 2012 their second record ‘Chronicles Of Pretenders’ (7” Vinyl) came out for No Reason Records (Italy), No Panic Records (Germany), WAK Records (Grece) followed in 2013 by a new 7” Vinyl titled ‘Crossroads’.
After almost two years of hiatus the band is back and ready for a fresh new start along with the release of the new single and video ‘Don’t Worry About It’ from the new EP “MMXVII”. Following the release of the EP the band started The Space Sheep Tour 2017, an exclusive italian run of 10 shows to promote the new songs and bring up on stage old memories.

Releases via NoReason Records:


Chronicles of pretenders

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