NoReason Records

Born early 2006, starting with an EP from Milan local-heroes Minnie’s. From Italy to Canada, from Sweden to Greece, so many bands believe in the label’s philosophy and approach. We could bring up a number of bands we’ve worked with, but we don’t need to put you through that. Instead, you just have to spend a minute on our website and listen to a couple of songs. It will mean more than thousands of words.


Music is our passion.


We’ve collaborated with the biggest European independent labels and with the smallest distros from our little hometown. We’ve had our bands play at huge festivals, and arranged shows in insane squats, supporting professional musicians and sharing this energy with young punk-rockers. We’ve had up and downs, always focusing on the passion for this kind of music.

If this label is still running, it’s thanks to the kids who buy our records, come to the shows, review our releases – we’re always listening to what they have to say and appreciate them more than anything.

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