The Living Daylights

Hailing from the tiny town of Lincoln comes the hard working, melodic punk rock quartet that is The Living Daylights. The band formed from remnants of previous local household names back in August 2007 and what a journey it’s been so far… From the heights of constant life on the road and headlining the BBC stage at Leeds and Reading Festivals, to the lows of motor-way breakdowns and being robbed and brutalized by the police, one things for sure- nothing is slowing these guys down.
Just 12 weeks after forming, the band recorded their debut EP “The Living Daylights”, which was later self released in January 2008, The 5 track EP was humbly welcomed by a number of Magazines and the single “Hanging On” recieved airplay on Radio 1 Mike Davies’ Lock Up Show. After 8 months of solid touring in UK the band had written and recorded their debut full length album “Ways To Escape” that summer. The Peter Miles produced record saw it’s worldwide release in October with Fond Of Life Records and later with No Reason Records (Europe) and Fast Life Records (Japan). Who knew that the next 15 months would see the band headline a number UK and European tours, reaching audiences in 12 different countries, the sharing of stages with some of their most loved bands, appearances at Leeds and Reading Festival and even the parting of bassist and later, vocalist?
The last 6 months haven’t been easy, but sure enough things have fallen into place once again as the current line up: Alex Johnson (guitar), Matt Hendry (guitar), Dan Brogan (drums) and new vocalist and bassist Danny Harrison have just left the studio holding an album to be proud of. “What Keeps You Breathing” is a testament to the blood, sweat and tears beaten out of their instruments night after night on stage and you can hear this in each and every song. This time around the band have raised the bar with a fusion of infectious heart-racing tempo’d songs such as “These Roads” and the title track to guitar heavy, anthemic numbers such as “Sedative”, “Maybe Escapes” and “Our Yesterdays”. From the opening lyrics “We’ve hung our heads for too long” to the closing lines of “We belong beyond this town, you and me” you can hear the above journey and can’t deny this feel-good album’s positive undertone messages of making the best out of bad situations by finding something your passionate about, in this case music and all that revolves around it, which is so apparent in the title of the record.

Releases via NoReason Records:

What keeps you breathing

Ways to Escape

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