Fast, technical, and melodic are just a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE’s music. Composed of Marc-Antoine Bastien, Étienne Dionne, Judas Lacroix, and Jean-Philippe Lamonde, MUTE has spent the last 10 years taking a 100% DIY approach to bringing its music to the masses! The group has three albums under its belt – Blueprints (2001), Sleepers (2004) and The Raven (2008) – that have been distributed in Canada, Japan and Europe. Over the years, three music videos have also been produced.
MUTE has played more than 400 concerts in Canada, in the United States of America and in Europe. The group was fortunate enough to share the stage with bands like Bad Religion and Millencolin, and to tour with bands like Rise Against and Strung Out.
Tireless and faithful to its devoted and hardworking DIY ethics, MUTE has no intention of slowing down. September 15, 2011 is the official release date of Thunderblast, the group’s 4th studio album. “Thunderblast” will be release all over Europe by Effervescence Records. With this new effort, the band pushes its limits once again and presents an album that is even more technical and more aggressive than anything they’ve done in the past- all without sacrificing the melodic hooks that they are known for!
With a fourth music video on its way, a Brasilian tour (September 2011), a European tour (October 2011) and a Canadian tour (Fall-Winter 2011), MUTE is, and will remain, a force to be reckoned within the punk rock world…
After new european tours in 2012 and 2013, and their 15 year anniversary tour, the band is ready to release a new album on October 14th, a new chapter named “December death”.

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Remember death

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