High Five Drive

High five drive broke into 2010 with several shows in the U.S.A, dates in eastern Canada, and rocked 32 shows in 34 days on a European tour.
During the Euro tour HFD landed a spot on the Macbeth stage at this year’s Groezrock festival, and headlined a festival in France called the Ask Festival.
After a short stay at home the band played the 2010 NXNE music conference in Toronto.
The boys are currently hard at work on new tunes and pumping out demo after demo this summer as well as a spot on the main stage at the Red River Rampage.
High Five Drive’s latest release, “Fullblast” is out now on European punk labels Fond of Life Records, No Reason Records and Bad Mood Records.
In Japan it is out on Fast Life Records and featured two unreleased acoustic tracks as bonus material.
“Fullblast” received killer reviews from both online and print media worldwide.
The guys feel it is their best album to date, and features twelve tracks ranging everywhere from mind melting shreds to acoustic guitars. The album was recorded and produced by sound wizard John Peters who has worked with acts such as Comeback Kid.
In the past eight years High Five Drive has been to Europe 4 times and has toured Canada countless numbers of times.
They have released an EP and 3 full length albums in Japan, Canada, and in Europe. They have sold almost 5000 copies, and have supported such acts as Comeback Kid, A Wilhelm Scream, Protest the Hero and the Cancer Bats.
They have recorded with Scene Veteran Blair Calibaba whose credits include: Gob, Sum 41, No Means No, and have worked with former Belvedere, and Current This is a Standoff front man, Steve Rawles.
They have driven through the pouring rain, down icy roads, through blizzards, through unbearable heat, through numerous all night drives and have always played their hearts out night after night no matter what. Whatever the future holds, they’re facing it head on.

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