Cayman The Animal

Cayman the Animal is comprised of Diego, Marco, Leonardo, Valerio, and Roberto. That means Roberto plays with the members and ex members of Ouzo, Ingegno, Mithra, and Max Carnage.
They formed in 2010 and in 2018 will be releasing their third album“Black Supplì”, following the three worldwide successes “Too Old to Die Young”, “Aquafelix EP” and “Apple-linder”.
The Caymans often dress up for shows. Like that time they went as ancient Egyptians, or as religious people, as Kraftwerk, athletes, soldiers, Kurt Russel’s filmography, or the carriers of Santa Rosa (just look it up because if you’re reading this in English there is no way in hell you know what we’re talking about), etc.
They play punk mixed with post-something and have been compared to so many different bands that they don’t even remember which.
Anyway, they practice at Largo Agosta or Trullo, where, if everything goes as planned, they get to buy peanut chips. In the music business they are renowned as the inventors of the concept of the “supplì refund” (one supplì per kilometer traveled).

Releases via NoReason Records:

Black Supplì

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