MIKE NOEGRAF – “Outrospection”

New Folk Music: Mike Noegraf announces “Outrospection” to be released on 11th December. The third album of the French Singer-Songwriter is his most intimate and emotional one so far.

Lyon. Since 2013 Mike Noegraf made himself a known artist in the alternative folk scene and beyond. With various projects and his solo-career he has toured in 20 different countries including Canada and Russia, performing with artists such as Frank Turner, Joey Cape, Dave Hause, Tim Vantol, Laura Stevenson, Joe McMahon and many more. His melancholic tunes and his characteristic voice are major assets to this sincere music revolving around sharing and encounters.

“Outrospection” is the most intimate album that Mike has ever written, mixing different genres of music, following his heart and his mind, but keeping folk music as the main inspiration. Mike offers a travel through his music to make you aware of your own emotions.