We are so happy to back to you at the end of the summer with a great an probably unexpected surprise!

Just few months later of “On a wing and a prayer”, we are going to release with pleasure a new THOUSAND OAKS album so called “Remnants“.

It was a dark and stormy night in the middle of the pandemic when at the Thousand Oaks headquarters we came up with the idea of cramming together all the material we had amassed so far and give birth to a comprehensive collection of songs. So we rolled up our sleeves and started assembling this Frankensteinish creature. All the old songs were remixed and remastered and some new ones were recorded. Today, after two long years, we’re happy to present you ‘Remnants’ – an 18 tracks collection of singles we only released on the internet, offtakes from previous records, songs that only appeared on splits and compilations and some brand new songs. 

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