No Blame

NO BLAME borns in 2007, though it takes a year to arrange a stable line-up; the band stays active until 2011, when internal problems make the guys split and announce an indeterminate-time break.
At the end of 2012 the band announces its reunion, with a different sound and line-up.
The first work comes in 2008, short after the former line-up change; a diy EP, “Keep The Hardcore Elite”, letting the band’s name get known in the national scene and abroad, with two european tours counting Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and UK, also helped by the cover the band made of the pop song “This Is The Life” by Amy McDonald.
The first full-length is recorded in 2010, titled “Burning The Blindfolds”, and more touring comes after it (Sweden and Spain get added to the countries list). Also the band has the chance to play with renowned names of the international scene such as Alexisonfire (CAN), The Ghost Inside (USA), This Is A Standoff (CAN), For The Fallen Dreams (CAN), Suffokate (CAN), Lower Than Atlantis (UK), While She Sleeps (UK), Forus (F), Jet Market (IT), and more.
After the reunion, the band returns on the scene without the original singer, getting rid of the metalcore part of its original sound, and aiming on to a 100% melodic hardcore, influenced by the ’90-’00 emocore. The first work announced by the band, titled “Asymptotes”, is released by No Reason Records on April 2013.

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