Despite their young age the Minnie’s have been involved in the Italian punk scene since 1995. Anyway the band spirit could not adapt to the established common standards. That’s why they decided to refuse the easy way and go ahead.
From 1998 to 2002 they played all across Italy, starting from basement shows up to the big ones, where they played with legendary bands like Shelter, Satanic Surfers, Strung Out, Murphy’s Law, Terrorgruppe and many others. During this period the band was deeply involved in the life of Deposito Bulk, one of the biggest squats in Italy.
In April 2001, Riot Records released a split cd with Happy Noise (the best melodic hardcore band in Italy at the time) and the Minnie’s. In August 2001, Maximun Rock’n’Roll put the Minnies’/Happy Noise split cd in its own monthly hit list.
Hard Staff, the Minnies’ booking agency at the time, gave them the opportunity to play in Germany with the Digger, an American band on tour in Europe. It was November 2002 and it marked a new beginning for the guys… Two big European tours would follow in less than a year: the first one during the summer of 2003, for two weeks, the other one during the spring of 2004, it lasted one month. The Minnie’s played in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium and The Netherlands, with main shows in Berlin, Nuremberg, Vienna and Ljubliana.
In July 2003, they released their first full length, “Un’estate al freddo” and were invited by The Terrorgruppe to take part in the band’s “10 Years Anniversary Compilation” cd, featuring NOFX, Lag Wagon, Good Riddance, and The Beatsteaks. “Un’estate al freddo” speaks Italian, but the album was distributed in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK… This is what Punk Planet wrote about it: “…despite of the language barrier, the guttural charge of the music communicates a message of disillusionment and isolation that is definitely not lost in the translation…”
2004 is the most important year in the band’s history: after three records and two European tours, the Minnie’s were ready to move forward and to launch a new ep in English. “The Sing Along Experience”, that’s the name of the record out on Riot Records, it is a sincere celebration of the punk-community, a concept-album about touring and joining a band. It includes three songs and three videos taken from their latest concerts, and backstage pictures. But there is much more: in June they were asked to play in Milan, for the Italian date of The Deconstruction Tour, the most important punk festival in Europe.
In 2005 they toured again all over Europe (Germany and Switzerland, but also France, Spain and the Basque Country for the first time). Last summer they took part at several open air festivals as well. They spent the past months recording 5 songs for a new Ep titled “Il pane e le rose” that will be released on may 12 2006 both in Italy and in Germany by NoReason Records and AntStreet Records. A new tour will start from Bergamo, Italy on May17 where they will play with Against Me!. Minnie’s heads out to tour for all the summer…

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Il pane e le rose

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