Atlas Losing Grip

Atlas Losing Grip was started by Stefan and Gustav back in early 2005. They felt that there were too few melodic punk bands left in Sweden and that the scene more or less had died out. The idea from the beginning was to play straight ‘skate punk’, as it was called during the 90’s. Songs were written and a bunch of members were replaced before the line-up was steady enough to rely on as a band.
The first full length was to be called ‘Shut the World Out’ and contained 13 songs + a bonus track for the Japan release. Rodrigo Alfaro did some guest vocals on the album and his voice suited the songs very well, since Satanic Surfers had always been held as a strong influence of ALGs music. The release of ‘Shut the World Out’, in September 2008, was followed up with a 17 day European tour. The response of the shows were really good even though it was the first time ALG played outside of Sweden.
Stefan never felt comfortable with playing bass and singing at the same time, and wanted to focus on the bass only so Rodrigo was asked if he wanted to join. He accepted the offer and the band had a new lead singer.
The band rehearsed five new songs with Rodrigo’s vocals and it sounded amazing. These songs were the same songs that later on ended up on the EP ‘Watching the Horizon’ in 2009. With Rodrigo announced as new lead singer the band did two tours. The first one around Europe, through Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and the second one was three dates in Greece.
‘Watching the Horizon’ was released in both Europe and Japan and the release was backed up with a lot of touring around Europe. The touring schedule was busy as far as to late summer 2010, when the band supported ‘Bad Religion’ in sold out venues on their Scandinavian tour and finished off by doing a few festivals by themselves.
During the summer and fall of 2010 many days were spent sitting inside, writing songs and rehearsing for, what was to become, our second full length album ‘State of Unrest’.
The great reviews that ‘Watching the Horizon’ had received and the anticipation and pressure the band felt was really driving the band.
They started recording the album on Dec 25th and finished on February 8th 2010-2011. Jason Livermore of “Blasting Room” – Fort Collins, CO handles the mastering of the album. He has worked with all the greatest bands in the genre, including: Rise Against, Good Riddance, Propagandhi and many many more. Producing genre-defining albums year after year – having him putting his finishing touch on our album felt like an important, easy and natural decision.
Atlas Losing Grip thinks that this album will be highly appreciated within the melodic punk scene. It really has strong, personal songs and lyrics which many people can relate to. The band are willing to do almost whatever it takes to spread their music and passion for it across the universe, fully prepared to tour a lot and be available in ways needed from them.

Releases via NoReason Records:

State of unrest

Watching the horizon

Shut the world out

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