Born in Italy doesn’t mean just have a good pizza, a real coffee and live without a job.
Play music in Italy doesn’t mean being necessarily inspired by Adriano Celentano, Eros Ramazzotti or Laura Pausini.
Born in italy means, sometimes, have quality. More than you think could be find in USA or England.
The ARGETTI, known as Marco Mantovani, Enrico Belloni and Enrico “Punch” Pancera, comes from Vicenza, not from Gainsville or Manchester, as someone could think.
They play punk rock, maybe indie rock or alternative rock. Who cares?
They gice us their third record, “NEW SEEDS”, produced in one of the best italian recording studios (Hate Studio), a new seed indeed, that let us know they’re going into new direction, same for music and territories.
After the exit from the band of Guido Becchetti (previous singer), with wich they’ve released “IN MY SHOES” (2005, Goodwill Records) and “FLAGS OF KARMA” (2008, NoReason Records – ditributed in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Canada and Japan), ARGETTI decides to go on as a power trio, reaching their sound with new influences, who look at bands such as THE SMITHS, THE LIBERTINES or THE CURE, without forget the punk rock background inspired by LIFETIME, FACE TO FACE, DESCENDENTS,…
The new record represents a great production, distributed all around Europe, UK, Canada and North America, who will be promoted through a constant live tour, the most appreciated activity for the band.
Hundreds shows and kms done in these years, from Greece to England, driving through Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Nederland, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland,…
For who fergot: they come from Italy and they’re known as ARGETTI.

Releases via NoReason Records:

New Seeds

Flags of Karma

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